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Cristina Frincu


My name is Cristina Frincu, I eat, drink, sleep, work and live in Bucharest, Romania.  I am a passionate reader and a clumsy writer, but it makes me happy to write short stories. Some things to read, to make one laugh, smirk, or frown and then eat fries and drink a beer.  I am sending this story of Nymphadora and Anhedonius just to stop the voice in my head that says I am not taking chances and I always wait for something to happen.

Maroula Blades


Maroula Blades is an Afro-British poet/writer living in Berlin. Verbrecher Verlag, TAZ and Cornelsen Verlag have published her stories in Germany. She has received awards for poetry. Poems have been published in Germany and abroad. Her Poetry/Music Programme has already been presented on several stages in Berlin: the Planetarium am Insulaner, IFA, Der Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Volksbühne to name but a few. Maroula has read at the Black History Month Festival 2010 in Berlin and at the Berlin Poetry Festival 2010.

Steven Ruben Strickland


Steven Strickland is a junior at Harvard University. He was born and raised in the only Puerto Rican household in Roseburg, Oregon. He is currently a landscaper.


 Ellie Rowe

About Me: I've never really given much thought to myself as a writer, despite having a strong interest in English a subject. I've always loved to read, and am still quite proud of my little seven year old self having a fifteen point three - I never truly got that either - reading age. Despite my voracious appetite for literature, my words never come out right. Fifteen years old, with a very helpful and flattering English department at my school (a small private one in England, where I currently attend on a healthy scholarship), I decided to take a stab at reliving a memory through black and white words on a page. It was much more difficult than I had imagined, yet I enjoyed myself immensely. In my spare time, I volunteer at Cancer Research UK, am a Corporal in CCF (a sort of mini-military thing, which has helped me do cool stuff like fly a plane over my house and shoot a machine gun), practice Shotokan Karate, and talk to my friends a lot. In the future, I plan to attend Oxford and do either International or Criminal Law, but right now, I'm content to enjoy my life just as it is.


Stephanie Weiner



I am Stephanie Weiner, a seventeen year old from South Florida.  I have always enjoyed writing, as a means of expressing my "teenage angst" and problems which I thought were huge at the time, but in retrospect seem miniscule.  I only truly developed my writing this year. I had an amazing English teacher, who restored faith in myself and my a-bility to write.  I also participated in a writing workshop a few weeks ago.  I am very busy with my multitude of interests, but not enough time to fulfill them.  My eighteenth birthday looms ahead, justifying the sense of independence I have tried so hard to emanate for years.  I, like many teenagers, enjoy television, Facebook, and  hanging out with friends.  I would, however, like to also more serious interests like research, writing, and college!


Dante Long


My name is Dante Long I am a 2011 Penn Wood HS graduate. I was born on January 12th, 1992. I enjoy writing and drawing as my hobbies. I am of Cuban ancestry. I was inspired by the writer Jorge Borges and his writing.


Olteanu Irina


I began to write since primary school. First, with poems and later with short fairy tales. I graduated the Law School but I discovered that my main quality is the writing. I participated at some international contests for poetry in English but I consider more difficult to write in my native language, Romanian. I like to write any type of story and I feel that this is what I was meant to do. Of course, the writing came after hundreds of books being read. I don’t consider myself a journalist or a column writer. But just a writer.


Chinwe Morah


Chinwe I. Morah (b. June 22 1990) was born in Benin City, Nigeria to Igbo parents, as the second of three children. She has spent the last nine years in Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Morgan State University, and is currently in her second year pursuing a Master’s degree in English at Morgan State. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading sleeping, and attempting to understand Modern British Literature. She currently works as a research assistant at Morgan State University and as a secretary for her sister’s book keeping company. This is her first work of fiction.


Aleksandra Djordjevic


Aleksandra Djordjevic is a graduate of Wilkes University, where she obtained her Masters in Creative Writing. She is also a graduate of the University of Scranton, where she obtained her Bachelor's in English. She currently resides in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.



Woody was born in Jinja, a small sleeping town 80kms from the capital. He writes screenplays, short stories, poems and full length fiction/nonfiction books. He lives alone in an apartment fifteen mi-nutes from the Nile and twenty from the Victoria. He sometimes works gigs a doorman, bodyguard/driver, tour guide and has worked as a teacher teaching English to disadvantaged children for eight years; he has also worked in a laundry shop, as a mason, fitness instructor and administrator. One people, One love, One world One God. God is ONE. Creativity is organized random thoughts & aspirations. One people, One love, One world One God. God is ONE. Creativity is or-ganized random thoughts & aspirations. 


 Natalie Grigson

Natalie Grigson grew up in Austin, Texas, where she recently obtained a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. She is currently working as the Director of Marketing and PR for a local company; frantically planning a move across the country, made just a bit complicated by a very large and slightly restless dog; and of course, trying to solve that whole problem of world peace. In her free time, though, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time outdoors with aforementioned large dog.


Raquel Wetzell


I was born in Alexandria, VA in 1997 and have lived here most of my life. Now as a freshman in high school, I discovered a love for writing two years ago and now it is a great hobby of mine. Sometime later in life I would like to write a fantasy novel.


Christian Ramirez


Christian Ramirez is a Screenwriter and Aspiring director from Palm Beach, Florida. Just having completed his High School education at Atlantic High School in Delray Beach and entering studies at the collegiate level; at eighteen years old he looks to have a long and enduring career in both the literary and cinematic fields. He is most inspired by writers: George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Philip K. Dick, and Chuck Palahniuk. And filmmakers: Quentin Tarantino, Terrence Malick, Darren Aronofsky and Christopher Nolan. His favorite novel is 1984.


Laura Sumler

I come from a Christian family. I am the oldest of four children.My parents taught us to live for the Lord. I was born and raised in the state of Louisiana, but now I am enrolled as a College student in California.


Nebeolisa Okwudili


Nebeolisa Okwudili is a chemical engineering student of Federal University of Technology, Minna, a citizen of Nigeria. He graduated from Federal Government College, Malali, Kaduna. He writes poems that could be found at: 

Neha Srivastava


Neha Srivastava has a blend of 14 years of experience in the advertising and Education industry where she learnt how to communicate to people, understand their psychology. Mudra communication was her birth place and she grew up with Equus, Xansa India and then Inbrit in London, then worked as the Regional Training Coordinator with ICFAI University. At present, she is working as a Full time Mom and a freelance writer. Worked for CRY, INOX theaters etc. She has her articles published in Times of India and Readers Digest. Her job in advertising entailed of writing copy for print adverts, writing brand names and scripts for commercials, at ICFAI she formulated creative training modules and held soft skill training workshops. Writing adverts, articles, studying human psychology and bringing about changes in individual lives are things she wishes to be part of. 


Keagan Campbell


My name is Keagan Campbell and I'm a 24 year old writer from Brampton, Ontario. I'm currently studying at York University as an English major with a minor in creative writing. Though I'm usually inspired by events in my everyday life, I more enjoy writing fiction and poetry more than anything else. My hyperactive imagination has always helped me in doing so and I hope to be able to entertain and inspire others with inventive and original stories the way I was inspired as a child. There is no greater joy for me than knowing someone enjoys my work. 


Leigh Anne Cooper


 Having grown up in New Mexico surrounded by the intriguing open land of mesa and mountains, I enjoy spending most of my time hiking and exploring the area around my home near Albuquerque. I am currently a student at Colorado State University studying Equine Science and English with the hopes of going into journalism or something of that sort.


Michael Weidman


My name is Michael Weidman. I am 18 years old. I am a student of Serra Catholic High School. I am a writer, a poet, and a songwriter. My writing can be as sometimes sad and uses nature many times for its beauty and similarity to other feelings and objects. I would like to write books and become a singer/songwriter. I want to have a positive influence on young people and help spread the Word of God.


Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai



Three books of the Author have been published by "Publish America." Many Articles and Poems have been published in the web sites. His writings reflect the experiences that he had while he was an Expatriate Teacher in foreign countries like Ethiopia, Africa, and Maldives.He is a Post Graduate in English Literature. He had his secondary education in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Nehemiah Wong



Nehemiah K.H. Wong grew up in the region called Southeast Asia. So that, at an early age, he had absorbed a multiculturalism which is richly diverse.
English wasn't his mother tongue, but it was the official medium of his entire education. He was a passionate young reader; but when it came to writing, he struggled with an art demanding perfection.
Though baffled he never stopped relating to English as an integral part of his life. He first started his professional career as a young writer, scribbling for a men's magazine.
Later on he studied theology which exposed him to many important branches of human knowledge, including: archeology, semantics, linguistics, philosophy, psychology and rhetoric.
He then stepped into his second career path, caring for communities in the region. But more recently, having reached a chronological milestone, he has again an urge to write creatively and imaginatively.

Joanna Marie O. delos Santos


The “Literary Queen”, as they called me. I’m the former Associate Editor-in-Chief 2010-2011 of THE BLAZE, the official publication of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology in the Philippines. I’m currently residing at M.S Garcia, Philippines. The middle child among three siblings of Mr. Jovito and Mrs. Marita delos Santos. I finished my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology last April, 2011.

As a campus journalist, I’ve been a competitive person and have the passion in writing different articles like news, opinion, feature and most of all writing poems, short stories and novels. In my college days, I’ve been busy competing in different places in the Philippines with my forte “Poetry Writing” and “Feature Writing” in English language. Before being the associate editor of THE BLAZE, I started as a simple member of the publication being trained by seminars for competitions.

I won 5th place in Poetry Writing English in Regional Tertiary Press Congress in Region 3 entitled “Somewhere I Called Paradise”, and for the next year bagged the 2nd place in the same category, entitled “O thy Waking Youth”. After that year, I also won 10th place in Feature Writing category discussing the drug abusing my fellow youth.  


Stephen Buoro    

 Stephen Buoro is a Nigerian, born in 1993. The renown Nigerian poet, Remi Raji, described his poetry thus: "This is the stuff poetry is made... [his] lines show the promise of a formative and remarkable voice...very innocent and lyrical." He is currently revising his poems for his first volume, Heaven Song.


Aireen Grace Andal


 Aireen Grace Andal is a graduate student of Demography at the University of the Philippines. She graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in sociology last May, 2010. She is currently working as a technical writer and research assistant.  She reads books on social sciences and humanities. Her favorite authors are Plato, Michel Foucault, John Braithwaite, Slavoj Žižek, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy. The Holy Bible (King James Version) is her favorite book. Her fields of interest are sociology of deviance, world politics, mortality, migration, child studies and comparative literature. She also engages herself in painting and reading manga series. 


Jasmine Suzana Valdes 


There's not much to my story. I'm a senior in high school just trying to find a voice. I have loved poetry for as long as I can remember. Most of my poetry is not based on my experiences but rather of those that I love and care for. Though I'm young, I seem to be the person people confide to, and when their story moves me I get inspired to write about it. Other times I write a poem to comfort my friends and family that confide in me and though it seems insignificant at first my poetry really helps them overcome their hardships. I'm an opened minded person, but complex as well. Writing poetry always helps me think about a situation from more than one perspective, and being a teenager surrounded by peer pressure and confusion on life in general, it really makes a difference on how I make decisions and chose to live my life. I hope to be a published writer one day, but in the end poetry will always be apart of my life, even if I'm not acknowledged for it.


Kristin R. Schulz

 Kristin Schulz started writing at the age of 10.  She is a sophomore in high school, where she enjoys managing football and boys basketball.  Also, she participates in the Writers Anonymous club where she can share her stories and poems with other students who love writing.  Outside of school, Kristin enjoys playing the piano or violin; drawing animals and/or scenes from her small town of Newton, Kansas.  She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. 


Don Scheer


DON SCHEER is a retired civil servant who has worked at American Embassies in Southeast Asia as well as the White House under President Jimmy Carter. He has a Master Degree in medical sociology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Scholarly as a young man, he now longs to climb trees and always orders extra sprinkles on his ice cream. In 2010 Mr. Scheer earned an award from Twisted-Tails, a respected international short story publisher. This award is presented to authors who write a “thought-provoking or mind-grabbing ending. “In May of 2011 the Writer’s Network of South Florida presented Mr. Scheer with a first place award for his short play, “The Diagnosis.”  The play was created from his original short story featured in the late Tim Russert’s anthology, Wisdom of Our Fathers, published by Random House. “The Diagnosis” received high praise on several major television news and talk shows.

One journalist's reaction:

  “I guess maybe my favorite story in the book (Wisdom of Our Fathers) is “The Diagnosis.” It makes you laugh out loud and cry out loud.”  

Another journalist concluded, “It’s the small moments that make the big difference.”  This is the writing style that Mr. Scheer brings to the reader. 

Mr. Scheer’s ability to craft comic exchanges among his characters and employ engrossing plots that contain surprising tidbits underscores his skill as a fiction writer of note.

Other Awards: First Place for Prose in both 2006 and 2007 for the Sylvia Wolens Writing Competition. 



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