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                                     Gualdo Hidalgo in Tel Aviv, Smoking the Peace Pipe
                                         (Photo taken by French artist Jacques.Milgram)

                                              Un homme aux normes. By Jacques.Milgram

    Crisis of Democratic Values in America., "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition''?

The Israeli police, as well as the FBI and the CIA are made up of courageous officers, many of whom have failed in the line of duty defending their people. But hidden behind any shadow there are folks who conspire against their own people, here and there. Like failed Gods, Deep State has its own plan for the purported global that the conspirators fancifully imagine administering themselves in the manner that the Cuban generals administer Gaviota (the Cuban military company that administers the tourist resources of the country)

In that "global village", there is no room for the Jewish people.

For the plans of conquests of the conspirators, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a big obstacle in the way; an obstacle that they try to solve with siren's songs at a receptive ear of the Israeli police,

The world is going through extremely difficult circumstances.

The urgency of routine resources and procedures lose their validity when the drums of war are heard around the corner.

The enemy is powerful and shrewd: Divide et impera


Latin Heritage Foundation Condemn
Brutal Mercenary Attack of CIA and FBI

These mercenaries have kidnapped and cowardly murdered the German shepherd dogs of Gualdo Hidalgo, a former Cuban political prisoner.

They are hypocritical mercenaries. In their public appearances they wear masks to hide their true plans and crimes, pretending to be friends of the Cuban and Venezuelan people, but they are traitors who support the brutal and terrorist and regimes and forces, such as North Korea, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Venezuela and Cuba.

These criminals not only kill dogs, but also disappear, persecute, imprison and murder political opponents.

They often use prosecutors and policemen - who are part of the conspiracy; others are used as useful fools; and some are simply naive, who are not aware of the grave danger to their respective peoples, and those who promote these witch hunts
from Washington, Tehran or Havana is the vassalage, submission and annihilation of their nations and people.

In Latin America they develop insidious campaigns conceived and promoted by the CIA, and "police-ambassadors", to which jubilant liberals and leftists join, without taking into account the great risk to their peoples in an uncertain and dangerous future..

The mercenaries that murdered my dog  and tried to indict Senator Robert Menendez and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pass North Korea military weapons and technology through Raul Castro, and the Panama Canal

During my brief stay in Tel Aviv I was subjected to harassment, intimidation and negative campaigns by the Israeli police at the behest of Raul Castro anthe New Jersey FBI, the same mercenary gang that met secretly in New Jersey to coordinate actions against me, against Senator Robert Menendez and Prime  Minster Benjamin Netanyahu. Picture of Abraham Hostle below, Tel Aviv, where I stayed for few days.

Brutality of Raul Castro and Cuba Minint in the United States: A Gigantic, Repressive and Subersive Force in United States

After the last concessions granted to the repressive apparatus of Raul Castro by President Barack Obama, Cuba's Minint expands rapidly and consolidates as an impressive and repressive force.
The concessions granted by Barack Obama do not constitute normal relations of friendly relations between countries but are part of a conspiracy of the intelligence services of the United States with the Cuban intelligence.
The CIA, the FBI, and Cuba Minint have strengthened their ties to further repress the Cuban people, Latin America and the people of the United States.
The abduction and murder of my German shepherd dogs demonstrates the criminal and brutal nature of the FBI, CIA and Minint in political repression.
This gangster nature of United States intelligence in political repression shows its ugly face to the world since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the alleged attacks against Fidel Castro, when the US intelligence services hires the services of the mafia for. It is absolutely obvious that only a crimnal mentality resources to the mafia to solve  political differences.
It is this criminal gang of the intelligence of the United States that imposed Fidel Castro in Cuba in 1959, and continue to support the Castro tyranny until nowadays.
This mercenary gang conspires against the democratic system of the West, transfers miliyar technology to North Korea, supplies financial resources to Iran, supports Syria, Hezbollah, and as many violent and undemocratic forces and groups operate internationally.
In my personal experience I have been able to verify the scaly way in which the repressive apparatus of Raul Castro operates with the shameless and embarrassing complicity of the United States:
1. At my home in Washington Boro, 07882, New Jersey, listening systems were installed and the whole gang of Cuban intelligence, the FB, and the CIA listen to what I say in my house.
2. There were installed hidden cameras with the only purpose of the blackmail and defamation in case of recording something wrong in the the privacy of my house. These folks have used those cameras to choose the dog they would kill. That's how they killed Rocky, Puppy and Tiger, seeing the love I showed them.
3. Cuban intelligence, the FBI, the CIA listen to my phones. They use to call my cell phone to know exactly where, what street I am.
4. By having access to my phone, Raul Castro knows exactly where I am in the United States, which street I am walking, and he sends his agents to intercept me in any street I walk, usually in a "friendly" way, but they are showing me that they know at all times where I am in the United States.
5. In Washington Boro, New Jersey, Raul Casro had deployed a team of agents to follow me at any time I left my house. They are agents recruited by Raul Castro from the left of the United States, and inmigrants from other countries. The alarming thing is that they constitute a large troop, and with the full complicity of the FBI, people think they are federles agents, because they act with impunity, as if they were, but they are people recruited by Raul Castro, many of them in retirement ages. The way in which the police, courts, etc., accept the suggestions and orders of the intelligence agents of Raul Castro, suggest that agents of the FBI, or double agent, are the ones who make the first contact to courts, police, et c. Then, Cuba's intelligence takes charge of the situation operating as if they were federal agents. For example, they have called the judge while the judge deliberates on my case, the judge has excused himself, taken a break to listen to the phone call, and have managed to influence the decision of the judge. Similarly, Cuban intelligence contacts police stations, and everyone thinks they are federal agents
6. On October 13, 2017, my four German shepherd dogs were taken away from me in an intelligence operation directed by Raul Castro. It was Cuban intelligence that was operating in the Easton hospital, Pensylvannia,when I asked strongly to the hospital personnel that I wanted to speak to the with the police so that they could make a police report. A nurse's supervisor called the Easton police, and she put in the line an officer of the Easton police, who told me that the police had already made the report, and when I were discharged I could pick up the report in the police. Everything was a farce carried out by Cuban intelligence. Now the Easton police does not find the report ... The impudence and self-confidence of this criminal gang ... The total collapse of values ​​... When Raul Castro asks the judge, the police, the doctor to kill my dogs, there they all go to kill the dogs, like bloody idiots ...
7. Even if I do not use my phone, turn it off, leave it at home, Raul Castro knows exactly where I am ... One day I left at 3:30 AM from my house, without taking the phone, and I took at 4:45 the bus from Allentown to Easton ...Already Raul Castro knew that I was on that bus ... When I arrived in Easton at 6 AM, there were already Cuban intelligence agents waiting near the bus door, just to show me that they were in absolute control.
United States Imposed Castro's tyranny in Cuba in 1959, and continues to impose and endorse it to the present.
The United States has committed genocide against the Cuban people.
The United States is the worst enemy of the Cuban people.
Under the masquerade of human rights and civil society, the United States has invested millions of dollars for decades to finance agents of the CIA and the Security of the State of Cuba, to repress, imprison and annihilate critics and opponents of the Cuban repressive regime.

       The International Witch Hunt of Conservatives

Latin Heritage Foundation denounces the international witch hunt against conservatives.

Far-lefties, Socialists, radical Islamists, anti-Semites are preparing for the final assault against the Western Civilization Democracy.

The international campaign against corruption of the Israeli, Guatemalan and American police officially began on October 14, 2016, when Barack Obama ordered to US Intelligence the sharing of information with the Cuban intelligence, and the Cuban police and ntelligence operate freely in US soil.

It was at the least an unethical decision since Cuba is a haven for terrorists and criminals, like Joanne Chesimard, who murdered an officer of New Jersey State Police, and Raul Castro refuses to surrender to the American courts, along with those who swindled millions of Florida Medicare dollars and hide in Cuba with the explicit consent of Raul Castro.

In June 2016, before Obama signed the executive order, Raul Castro ordered a meeting in Sussex County, New Jersey, between Cuban intelligence officials and  “liberals” (members of the US intelligence services - CIA, FBI...).

In October of 2016, liberal agents of US intelligence, in coordination with the Cuban intelligence published a photo of  Japanese ambassador Reiichiro Takahashi where I am in the background  wearing a green winter coat, in white stripes on the chest).

In October of 2016, these crooks published a picture where I am behind the Japanese ambassador Reiichiro Takahashi (I am in the background with the public wearing a green winter coat, In white stripes on the chest).

I wonder, if it is really about fighting corruption in Israel, Guatemala and the United States, why these liberal agents of US intelligence carry out intelligence operations against me and against the Japanese ambassador.

From that moment, Cuban G2, FBI and CIA began a furious international hunt against prominent conservative leaders, against those perceived as a present, latent or potential threat for the plans of the international radical left, the block of Stalinist regimes (Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea) and the Islamic bastion of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and the likes.

In fact, in his trip to the United States in 1959, Fidel Castro met secretly with the CIA and agreed to open a channel of information.

That channel between Castro and CIA was fatal for many, among them: the Salvadoran poet Roque Dalton (assassinated by the guerrilla under the chatge that he was in contact with CIA); for Ernesto Che Guevara (before he turned on his short-wave radio transmitter during his guerrilla warfare in Bolivia, the CIA knew the frequency Guevara will transmit his messages to “Manila” (Fidel Castro) Che Gueva's frustration is famous: "Manila does not respond". Well, Manila passed away, he left with the mask onset for an eternity, and he never explained why  did not respond to Che Guevara; for the Colombian guerrilla commander Manuel Marulanda Velez (Tiro Fijo), by placing a GPS in his shoes so that he could not avoid being killed by the missile shots of the planes while running away in the jungle:  for the execution by firing squad of general Arnaldo Ochoa,  colonel Antonio de la Guardia, major Amado Padrón and captain Jorge Martínez ( It was a joint operation CIA / Cuban Intelligence. The CIA informed Fidel Castro whom he had to eliminate to clean up the accusation of drug trafficking against the Castro brothers; for  José Antonio Torres, journalist of Granma, arrested and condemned by espionage  as soon as he passed a note to Michael Parmly, who was head of the US Interests Section in Havana (SINA); For the expulsion of their positions of chancellor Felipe Pérez Roque, and the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers, Carlos Lage, as part of an Obama/Castro maneuver in preparatory phase of the alleged new phase which would start with the softening and subsequent lifting of the embargo on Cuba by Barack Obama; for the dismissal of Ricardo Alarcon as president of the Cuban parliament and the arrest and sentence of Miguel Alvarez, his personal adviser  for releasing confidential information to CIA.

The International Witch Hunt of Conservative

The alibi used by Raul Castro and Barack Obama for this wild hunt is alleged crimes of corruption, or any common crime. It does not matter which one.

The important thing is that the world understands how bad their enemies are criminals.

Not even the conservative cardinals of the Catholic Church are spare. In the faraway Australia they got into trouble. Cardinal Pell. The liberal media spread the universal clamor of his sexual crimes. Of course, cardinal Pell is a conservative, defender of traditional values who, moreover, disagrees with the Pope.

In definitive, behind the international wave of arrests, police investigations and presentation of judicial charges to conservative individuals and leaders are hiding the allied forces of international terrorism, radical and violent Islamism and international communism, and whose headquarters is shared in Havana , Washington and Tehran.

All the accusations are in line with the pattern followed against Senator Robert Menendez, whom the CIA, the FBI and the Cuban State Security furiously investigated for several years, even outside the United States, in order to find any pretext or excuse to imprison him as a political revenge for his opposition to the Castro regime and against Barack Obama's concessions to provide weapons and financial resources to Iran.

Prior to these cases, Fidel Castro achieved the invasion of the Marines in Panama and the arrest of General Manuel Noriega, and that in Peru he was arrested and sentenced to prison president Alberto Fujimori.

In the same insidious way, with the threads of the plot moving hidden by Havana and Washington, there is a dizzying chain of arrests and requests for extradition, particularly in the United States and Latin America with the obvious objective of political revenge and the annihilation of the conservative political movement, as opposed to the subversive, radical, socialist, Islamic and terrorist conceived, orchestrated and manipulated by Barack Obama, Castro brothers, Kim Jong Un, Hassan Rouhani and Bashar al-Assad.

The extradition request against former Guatemalan vice-president Roxana Baldetti to face prosecution for drug trafficking and other offences. She comes from a conservative, Catholic family. In 2001, she helped found the Patriot Party alongside Otto Pérez Molina; the charges against Otto Fernando Pérez Molina,  a Guatemalan politician and retired military officer, who was President of Guatemala from 2012 to 2015; Fabio Lobo, the son of former Honduran President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, will be sentenced for conspiring to distribute drugs in the United States; The money laundering charges against Honduras' most powerful and politically-connected business tycoons, Yani Rosenthal; the arrest of. Israeli Billionaire Beny Steinmetz over suspected bribery, money-laundering. Tal Silberstein, a former consultant to the Austrian chancellor, also arrested alongside acting chair of Israeli telecom titan and others.

Steinmetz called the investigation “a political war.” He accused the billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros of bankrolling a campaign against him, asserting that the entire case hinged on the false testimony of an unnamed woman.

“I’ve lived many years abroad and I feel awful that Israel is doing something like this to me,” Steinmetz said. “This is what they do in totalitarian states.” Steinmetz said that since his arrest in December he had cooperated with what he called a “ridiculous” investigation, providing documents and appearing six times before Swiss authorities. Soros and Steinmetz have a checkered history, with Steinmetz long accusing Soros of waging a covert war against his business interests in Guinea. The billionaire investor says helping Guinea is just part of a crusade he has waged against corruption in Africa and Eastern Europe, but Steinmetz alleges it is due to a personal grudge Soros has against him.

The curious case of the arrest in Spain of Jorge Emilio Perez de Morales, who was indicted in 2012 on a conspiracy charge of laundering in illicit Medicare payments through South Florida. It is widely known that Cuba serves as a refuge for those who embezzled millions from the Medicare in Miami, and the public position of Raul Castro that he did not turn them over to the United States courts. It would be necessary to ask Barack Obama, the State Department and the FBI hierarchs about the moral and legal grounds to authorize the Cuban intelligence and Cuban police to operate in the United States, and together with the FBI and the Department of State investigate, arrest and extradite alleged criminals, in spite of Cuba openly protects terrorists on the FBI Most Wanted list and criminals who stole from Medicare millions of dollars.

It is absolutely clear that everything is reduced to a political vendetta of Cuba Minint seconded by the Castro supporters of the Department of States and the FBI.

On this brutal onslaught, we must highlight the murder of more than a hundred of Venezuelan civilians as a result of publicly demonstrating against the dictatorship of Raul Castro's proconsul in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro; and the imprisonment of pacific opponents like Leopoldo Lopez the Mayor Antonio Ledezma.

The common denominator of this relentless pursuit,  of this harassing of dissenters, is the external stereotype sanctioned by society, the condemnatory characterization that we are in the presence of greedy and corrupt beings, irremediable and sinful demons captured redhanded by the righteous avengers: Raul, Obama… and the like ...

Obama and Raul are nocturnal, highly skillful in shooting in the back…They need the plausible denial, a recurring resource for masking their political revenge as routine police operations against the underworld and their slippery creatures…

People are not deceived. People know - it's absolutely completely obvious- It is an assault against right-wing political rivals, conservatives

In this context of international witch hunts is announced the investigation around Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family. The timing is revealing, particularly when chronometrically matches political crises in distant areas that could be easily resolved by simply and expeditiously pressing charges against influential political leaders somewhat linked to the crisis that one wishes to rmediate. It is an unethical resource but it is use frecuently.

In another area, it is the solution that Washington has wisely found to solve the crisis caused around Julian Paul Assange, founder of WikiLeaks: ensnaring him in ladies affairs.

There are many imperceptible, subtle ways to move the police machinery of different countries of the world.

Consequently, the defenders of the Western democratic system must be fully alert to any attempted of altering the democratic balance and security of Israel and the countries of the West by means of a foolhardy maneuver against the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

​​The Israeli Police chasing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by orders of CIA, FBI (Deep State) was harassing and intimidating Gualdo Hidalgo (Former Cuban political prisoner) in Tel Aviv by orders of Raul Castro.

Deep State (CIA, FBI, DIA) ordered the acceleration of removal from office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Deep State conspires against the West, backs secretly North Korea, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Cuba, Venezuela…There is not room for the Jewish people in the “Farm” envisions by Deep State for the World. The Israeli Police acts like the Enemy Within the Jewish People.

The operation is led by the same gang that tried unsuccessfully to incriminate Senator Robert Menendez in federal court

It is the same gang that keeps Gualdo Hidalgo's German shepherd as hostages under the threat that the dogs will be murdered if he publish unwanted messages.

This criminal gang keeps Gualdo Hidalgo under blackmail in Tel Aviv. Similar to Washington Boro Police in New Jersey, police patrol cars have been parked in Tel Aviv in places where is evident Gualdo Hidalgo is the target, with the aim of intimidate Gualdo Hidalgo and refrain from message people.


Negative campaigns have been run in two Tel Aviv hostels for not booking a room for Gualdo Hidalgo. The consular officer at United States embassy in Tel Aviv, for example, tried to talk to the manager of Abraham Hostels in Tel Aviv, and from 8 AM to 3 PM the manager was "busy" to talk to the diplomat who was tryeng to book a room for Gualdo Hidalgo.


Like in Washington Boro,the "fabricate" de "story" that Gualdo's behavior is "strange", and that he "smokes in the bedroom".


Tel Aviv gang is more "agressive" than their fellas in New Jersey. In Momo's Hotel, where Gualdo Hidalgo spent a night and was expelled the next day under excuse of "disagremeent of payment" with the american embassy, the plastic cover of the 220 voltage electrical outlet was unscrewed and felt to the floor when Gualdo Hidalgo tried to connect a lamp, exposing the electrical wire , risking to be in contact with the 220 voltage, and last night the police "found" a "suspicious" bag in the street, two meters from Gualdo Hidalgo window in the hotel...They were talking about a robot two inspect, neutralize the possible explosive "artifact".


The negative campaign result in refusals to book a room for Gualdo Hidalgo, and he has been sent to shelter by American embassy.


The message is clear" You send any message and you will be homeless in Tel Aviv or frame, arrested and sent to prison.


US Embassy has canceled Gualdo Hidalgo passport and it is just valid to return to USA under the argument that the embassy is paying for the cost.


By last, Gualdo Hidalgo was denied access to the building where the embassy of Ecuador is located. The security officer was ordered to block my entry into the building, and two diplomats from Ecuador was requested to come down from the 5th floor to talk to me at the entrance of the building.


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