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The Blackmail of Mercenary CIA and FBI
The Brutal Murder of my German Shepherd Dogs
The Brutal Nazi Fascist Repression

El Chantaje de los Mercenarios de la CIA y el FBI
El Asesinato Cobarde y Brutal de mis Perros Pastores Alemanes
La Represion Brutal Nazi Fascista

No Hay Miedo, Cobardes y Brutales Mercenarios de la CIA y el FBI

No Fears of Cowardly and Brutal Mercenaries of CIA and FBI

Con el Espiritu de Jose Marti, Maximo Gomez y Antonio Maceo
With the Spirit of Jose Marti, Maximo Gomez and Antonio Maceo

Morir por la Patria es Vivir!

To die for the Fatherland is to live!


The Brutal and Coward Murder of Gualdo Hidalgo's German shepherds

The Brutal and Coward Murdering of Gualdo Hidalgo's German shepherds by mercenary FBI, CIA and FBI and Washington Township Police.Police Mercenary Rats.

They are bloody cowards and deranged criminals, a gang of unscrupulous murderers who killed They are bloody cowards and deranged criminals, a gang of unscrupulous murderers who killed innocent, wonderful, intelligent creatures to please Fidel Castro and Raul Castro. It is the same terrorist gang that betrays its own American people by supporting Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and supply missiles in hiding to North Korea through the the back of Guantanamo Naval Base.

They are the same hypocrites that appear on TV taking about democracy and civil rights, and criticizing Castro, when in reality they support Castro brothers and brutally repress former political prisoners.

                                          Threats by FBI, CIA and Raul Castro

One of the insidious ways that they plot is the contamination of medicines that Gualdo Hidalgo regularly acquires at the pharmacy (currently in Rite Aid, Allentown), such as insulin and pills, to provoke fatal reactions such as heart attacks.
                                                                                                                                                              Saturday, February 17, 2018

This mob is
threatening me with violent actions If I do not shut my mouth. So far they are using immigrants residing in my area to monitor my steps, and stay near me..But they are escalating their repressive maneuvers.Last night I sent my last message at 7 pm from  Allentow Publish Done if (!{ document.getElementById('publish-publish').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('publish-done').style.display = 'inherit'; } n Public Library, PA.
I walked to my house. When I arrived at the blind alley where I live there was a car parked right in front of my house, in the darkness. The street was deserted and dark. There was nobody, only me and the car parked by my door. When the driver saw me, he began to focus the lights of his car on my direction, turning them on and off. I walked about 70 meters until I was about 5 meters from my door where the car  was parked. Then the driver left at high speed making the wheels of the car creak.
The intention was to frighten me and send me a clear message:You are in our hands. When we want it, you're finished:.
And I know it's true. They can kill me whenever they want to. And they are the most powerful gang on Earth: Deep State, the Invisible Government.
But I have no options. They murdered my puppies. They killed Puppy, Tiger, Rocky. And possibly they also murdered Sasha, Princess, and Roxy, and they hide it.
As a former Cuban political prisoner, I lived alone with my puppies, they were my only loved ones, I loved them as if they were my own children. My German shepherd dogs were extraordinary, noble, intelligent, great friends.
They were my only friends. And the CIA, the FBI, Raul Castro, murdered them cowardly as a political reprisal against me.  It is horrible, more than murderers, they are horrible, monsters...Before I fought for the living; Now I have to fight for my dog brutally advised, for my dead babies ...So if they are going to shoot...Shoot!...I cannot betray my living friends or the dead ones. I always stand for my friends! No matter what!

My beloved and beautiful German shepherd Tiger and Rocky cowardly murdered by CIA, FBI and Raul Castro.

United States: The worst enemy of the Cuban people

Since 1948, when the CIA recruited Fidel Castro by orders of David Rockefeller, United States (Deep State, Invisible Government) secretly supports Fidel Castro. At that time, David Rockefeller directed the intelligence in Latin America from his office in Miami, with the rank of retired captain of World War II    Fidel Castro was recruited in the house of Mario Lazo, the attorney of Freeport Nickel (parent of Moa Bay Mining, subsidiary of Freeport Sulphur, linked to David Rockefeller.

 In April 1948, Castro participated in  the CIA orchestrated assassination of the Liberal presidential candidate Jorge Eliécer Gaitán. Helped by CIA “hidden hand”, Fidel Castro and the rest of the Cuban delegation were quietly evacuated from Colombia by the Cuban embassy.

                      David Rockefeller enlisted in World War II as a private and "retired" as a captain of military intelligence.

Roy Rubottom, from US Embassy staff in Bogota at the time of the killing of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan , reappeared in the Sierra Maestra with Fidel Castro n 1957.

Roy Rubottom helped to arrange a briefing for the newly arrived US Ambassador to Cuba and Herbert Matthews.

R. Richard Rubottom, 98, Is Dead; Helped Shape Cuban Policy - The ...
Dec 19, 2010 - Roy Richard Rubottom Jr. was born on Feb. 13, 1912, in Brownwood, Tex. He won a scholarship to Southern Methodist University, where he was president of his class and editor of the college newspaper. After graduating in 1932 with a journalism degree, he stayed on at S.M.U. to earn a master's in ...

The double game of the CIA - which secretly supported the Bolsheviks in Russia, the communists in Viet Nam, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and Maduro in Venezuela - the same game as always by CIA - was evidenced In the testimony before a Senate Sub-committee on 30 August 1960, of Earl T. Smith, the US Ambassador to Cuba from June 1957 to January 1959,

complained of CIA support within the Embassy for Castro:“There is no advantage to the United States in sending an Ambassador to a country if the CIA representatives there act on their own and take an opposite position.”

The Deep State social project guarantees basic services such as medical care and education to the population - similar to the Cuban Revolution - while denying the private economic initiative and the civil liberties of the population.

The CIA generals who participate in the conspiracy imagine themselves controlling the immense resources of the planet in a similar way to the Cuban military that runs the Gaviota Corporation in Cuba.

The first great crime of United States against the Cuban people occurred during the Bay of Pigs Invasion when the CIA selected with calculated premeditation a swamp as landing point, which was like saying to Fidel Castro: "We send them through the swamp so you can kill them all”.


Another of the atrocious crimes of United States against the Cuban people was its secret participation - through operations and intelligence agents - in the annihilation of the peasants’ guerrilla of Escambray.

Two more recent events in the history of Cuba are clear indications of the complicity of United States (Deep State) with Castro:  The 1996 shootdown of Brothers to the Rescue aircraft and the shipping of weapons from Cuba to North Korea through the Panama Canal.

Oct 01, 2017 · Fidel Castro met secretly with CIA during his trip to US in 1959 In the video "Bay of Pigs Declassified", Peter Kornbluh mentions this secret meeting.


       Fidel Castro had secret Line of Communication with CIA since 1959

Fidel Castro met secretly with CIA during his trip to US in 1959 In the video "Bay of Pigs Declassified", Peter Kornbluh mentions this secret meeting. Peter Kornbluh is director of the National Security Archive's Chile Documentation Project and of the Cuba Documentation Project.

The following are details of the recruitment of Fidel Castro by CIA in 1948, according to Ramón Bernardo Conte Hernandez, who participated in the recruitment and was the LAST 'BAY OF PIGS' SOLDIER FREED BY CUBA ( in 1986) Retrived from the book in Spanish "La CIA, Fidel Castro, el Bogotazo y el Nuevo Orden Mundial" by SERVANDO GONZÁLEZ

In a book he published in 1995, Ramón B. Conte, a Cuban who collaborated with the CIA on minor activities where brute force might be necessary, mentions in some detail how Castro's recruitment was carried out early of 1948 during a secret meeting that took place in the residence of Mario Lazo. Lazo was a Cuban lawyer educated in the United States, who represented the interests of many American businesses in Cuba.

Conte and another CIA operative were in a car parked on the street in front of Lazo's house. According to Conte, both were armed and ready to intervene should Castro, known for his exalted temperament and passion for guns, reject the offer they were going to make and become violent. According to Conte, Castro arrived at the meeting accompanied by his friend Rafael del Pino Siero, a CIA collaborator who had been a member of the US military during World War II. Among those attending the meeting were Lazo himself, CIA officials Richard Salvatierra and Isabel Siero Perez, the former US ambassador in Cuba Willard Beaulac, as well as two other Americans that Conte only identifies as Colonel Roberts and a CIA officer only known as Mr. Davies. Several years after Conte published his book,

I had the opportunity to interview him over the phone from his home in Miami. In the interview, Conte added to the list of people attending the meeting an important name he had not mentioned in his book: William D. Pawley. When the meeting was held, Pawley, a millionaire businessman and close friend of both President Eisenhower and Allen Dulles, was the American ambas-sador to Brazil. Since the time of the Office of Special Services (OSS) during World War II, Pawley had been closely linked to the intelligence services Americans. One of its associates, Colonel J.C. King, became Head of the Western Hemisphere Division of the CIA. Moreover, Pawley was one of the organizers of the Ninth Pan-American Conference of Foreign Ministers to be held in April in Bogota. According to Conte, a week after the initial meeting, Castro and del Pino met again with CIA officer Richard Salvatierra, who had been assigned the task of being the con-troller of the newly recruited new agent Fidel Castro, who had adopted the pseudo-nym "Alexander". At this second meeting, Salvatierra informed Castro about his first mission to serve the CIA (in fact, serving the Wall Street conspirators who control the CIA). It is probable that Salvatierra did not inform Castro in detail about the totality of the plan, because Salvatierra himself was probably unaware of it. Cas- tro's mission was to travel to Bogota, Colombia and, faithful to his role as a provocateur, to participate in the assassination of Gaitán, which would be the pretext for unleashing the riots that later became known as the Bogotazo. An important part of this mission was to create false clues that would later be used to blame the Colombian communists for the events. US Secretary of State George Marshall (CFR) used the riots to fuel the fear of communism and to convince the delegates attending the Ninth Conference that the threat of communism was real and dangerous.

LAST 'BAY OF PIGS' SOLDIER FREED BY CUBA By GEORGE VOLSKY, Special to the New York Times Ramón B. Conte, un cubano que colaboraba con la CIA en actividades menores donde la fuerza bruta podría ser necesaria, menciona en cierto detalle cómo el reclu-tamiento de Castro se llevó a cabo a comienzos del 1948 durante una reunion secreta que tuvo lugar en la residencia de Mario Lazo. Lazo, un abogado cubano educado en los Estados Unidos, representaba los intereses de muchos negocios de norteameri-canos en Cuba. Archives | 1976 DR. MARIO LAZO

           FBI brutality against my dogs to repress my freedom of expression

My dogs have been subjected to toruturas and brutally murdered by CIA. FBI (Deep State) for my political ideas. Mercenaries from FBI, CIA - Castro's Lackeys and henchmen, traitors to their own American people- have subjected my German shepherds to constant harassment,s and confinements, sometimes for up to half a year, with the aim of suppressing my freedom of expression. When they kept my dogs hostages in 2014, these criminals murdered Puppy and Tiger to terrorize me. Currently, again these cowards keep my German shephers virtually as hostages. This time, these "rats' cowardly murdered Rocky.. These trashy criminals try to scare me using their corrupt police officers and thugs. They are wrong. There is not fear at all.I will defend my dogs with my own life, and I will show these rats that as a Cubans I will stand for values and my beloved dogs. But they are scared to what I say on my phone. They persuade everybody in contact with me by phone to abstain from calling me. Someone else is listening too, the official intelligence service of United State, and since they are conspiring, they are afraid of that. But, again, Deep State is the real power in USA and whoever refuses to comply is brutally murdered, like in the case of President John F Kennedy. These criminals are powerful but they are scared to what I say on my phone. They persuade everybody in contact with me by phone to abstain from calling me. Someone else is listening too, the official intelligence service of United State, and since they are conspiring, they are afraid of that. But, again, Deep State is the real power in USA and whoever refuses to comply is brutally murdered, like in the case of President John F Kennedy. The Kidnapping of my German shepherd by CIA and FBI (Deep State). They are deranged criminals and they are powerful. Judges, police officers, doctors, firefighters, everybody comply with their criminal orders. But they act illegally. It is Deep State, the Invisible Government that runs United State. It is the real and even congressmen, senators and even the President is forced to comply. Otherwise, they are murder like John F Kennedy. The last time my German shepherd dogs were kidnapped - on the occasion of the murder of Puppy and Tiger - was in the first week of February 2014. In the morning I decided to go to the supermarket to buy some things I needed at home. The cold winter night before affected the start of the car. Try several times without any result. As the Market is a mile away and there is no public transportation call Social Services located in Belvedire to see if they could help. Talk to Coleen, an employee of Senior Services, and explain that a leg injury prevented me from walking the mile that separated me from the Market. Coleen sent the local Washington Boro police to help me. Although the leg injury was not serious, the police took me to St. Luke's Hospital in Phillipsburg, nine miles from my home. Kim Bennett, from Animal Control, Washington Boro, would take care of the puppies until I returned from the hospital. Actually, the puppies were kidnapped. Six months later they were returned to me, when I began to report them on these pages, but they had already murdered Puppy and Tiger. Puppy was murdered using a dirty treat. Kim Bennet called the hospital the day after I arrived, and explained that a very loving family with animals wanted to adopt Puppy, that I should consider the idea because I had 6 German shepherds, and that was a nuisance for anyone. Although I love Puppy, consider that if a puppy-loving family wanted to adopt Puppy, perhaps it would be best for her, because they could give her individual attention, love her as I loved her. Puppy was a very intelligent dog and of great temperament. Why did they choose Puppy and Tiger to murder them from among the six German shepherds? Simply because in my telephone conversations from my house I always talked about Puppy and Tiger, how intelligent and loving and respectful they were ... Unfortunately, my conversations are heard by Castro an FBI and CIA. Unknowingly, my words praising Puppy and Tiger were a death sentence, they knew that by murdering Puppy and Tiger, they would hurt me badly, since their intentions were to get the greatest damage possible.

FBI and CIA mercenary rats murdered Rocky

Any mention to federal agencies (CIA, FBI, etc.) always refer to Deep State (Invisible Government) as far as they operate on their own, without the approval of the United States government and its agencies and institutions.

Comrades Google and have blocked all my email accounts, as partners in crime that hold my hands while criminals kill my children with impunity.

Since many years, has even defaced the Latin Heritage Foundation website template, the theme of a building with colorful lights and contrast of lights and skyline, turning it into something horrible, dirty and ugly. For these criminals-absorbed in the murder of my dogs-aesthetics do not count.

For mercenaries of CIA, FBI, Washington Township Police Department... the murder of my German shepherd dogs became a macabre obsession. Something that is understandable to those who have dedicated themselves to persecuting, imprisoning and murdering Cubans since 1959. This gang of criminals has murdered up to the present three of my favorite German shepherd: Puppy, Tiger and Rocky.

Mercenary Generals (CIA, FBI) Are Murdering my German shepherds to Suppress My Freedom of Expression

Rocky Was Murdered Too
They are Killing all my beloved German shepherds
A brutal retaliation for my press releases, messages...

Rocky, I miss you baby....Rocky,...My boyyyyyyyyy....
They murdered you, babyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
Sorry...My babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
I love you, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocky, my beloved German shepherd was brutally murder in Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue by orders of FBI Gang from Somerset County, New Jersey working for Castro, Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc. Backed in the shadow by the FBI, Chars Will has legally taken over my German shepherds, claiming that someone gave them to them, even though that person is not the owner of the German shepherds. FBI mercenarties have destroyed my life by killing three of my beautifil German shepherds

FBI backing Castro is murdering the dogs of a Cuban Political Prisoner in Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue, New Ringgold, PA

Rocky, my wonderful and beloved German shepherd was murdered in Char-Will Kennels in the Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, 2 E Railroad Ave, New Ringgold, PA 17960- Phone: (570) 943-2624- after his owner Gualdo Hidalgo - a publisher and former political prisoner- sent an unwanted political message. That's the reason and the way, FBI Castro Militia has murdered in 2014 Puppy and Tiger, Gualdo Hidalgo's German shepherds.

The brutal murder of Rocky has caused deep pain and emotional impact in Gualdo Hidalgo, which is one of the objectives of the FBI with this criminal action.

FBI backing Castro uses to kill Gualdo Hidalgo's german shepherds as a kind of torture, to cause great pain and dissuade Gualdo Hidalgo from publishing or sending unwanted political messages.

Rocky was a wonderful German shepherd, intelligent, respectful and above all a loyal friend. Rocky will live forever in our hearts.

The picture with Rocky walking close to me is one of the last photos of Rocky, My baby Rocky, my friend and noble german shepherd, murdered cowardly by the FBI in Chars Will German Shepherd Rescue, New Ringgold, Pennsylvania.

The cowardly murder of Rocky, a sweet and intelligent dog, loving and faithful, had the monstrous objective of torturing Gualdo Hidalgo, editor and former Cuban political prisoner. 

Chars Wills and FBI Mercenary Rats killed Rocky!!!


The tragedy began when Latin Heritage Foundation published the works of a score of Cuban writers resident on the island to present them at the Havana Book Fair 2​012. At that moment, Fidel Castro-accustomed to rule the Cubans with absolute control​ ​ of his fierce fist,  order​ed​ ​to ​ CIA agents to plant listening devices in my house, located at 8 Nunn Avenue, New Jersey 07882. From that moment, Fidel Castro personally -from his office in Havana - listened to everything that was spoken in my house. When Fidel Castro began to hear, terrified that most of my conversations revolved around the fact that the Cuban government conspired against the Cuban people and Latin America with the CIA and the FBI, the CIA, the FBI and Fidel Castro himself "adviced" people about the danger of calling my house because FBI "was listening".

From that moment nobody call me, not even the famous "telemarketing" call my housThe problem for Castro and CIA and FBI agents conspiring with him consisted that federal agencies and agents who was not involved in the conspiracies also have access and liseting to whichever I say in my house and that was too dangerous for Castro and other conspirators.

It was a usual topic of my conversations in my house that Fidel Castro had ordered to install a listening system in my house. The public knowledge of that worried the FBI and triggered its quick response.

One Sunday, my ex-wife said to me: Look, I've been seeing a man doing something behind that tree in front of the house for a while. It seems he's trying to install something, maybe it's from the FBI.

The problem, I told her, is that it is too obvious, that he is trying to make us see that he is installing something, as if trying to mislead: it is not Fidel Castro, it is us ... the FBI ... Funny crooks!.

Tired of not listening to anything useful for them to incriminate me as "Castrista" -Castro kills his victims accusing them before the "FBI" of "Castristas" - the FBI used the services of technicians of Comcast and Direct TV to install hidden cameras of video for potential  defamation and slanders campaigns in case of catching something wrong on camera.

FBI uses those video cameras installed in my house to choose their victims, because when the FBI decides to murder one of my puppies, they pick the dog with which I appear in the cameras with more affection, the dog I play more , or the dog I praise more, the one I am  proud or talk about his wonderful qualities ... Then, when I send messages or publish articles news that worry Castro, the FBI, the CIA, they kill that dog to terrorize me and cause deep emotional damage, and try to dissuade me to shut up.

Again, Mercenary USA Generals, CIA, FBI keep my German shepherds hostage

These terrorists and mercenary trash has looked for new owners for my dogs, they have disappeared my dogs.
Mercenaries of US intelligence- Fidel Castro's boots lickers- use Char-Will Kennels (Kennel in the Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania), 2 E Railroad Ave, New Ringgold, PA 17960 and Garden State German Shepherd Rescue for their blackmail and intimidation campaigns to silence Gualdo Hidalgo, a former Cuban political prisoner and Latin Heritage Foundation's publisher.

Mercenaries US Generals Murdered Tiger using Constrictor Snakes

Jerry Andrejcak, the reptile expert at Common Sense for Animals, where Puppy and Tiger were brutally murdered by means of constrictor snakes. Through Tiger's broken and strangled ears and noses, his blood gushed.

Tiger, after being brutally murdered by Yankee generals. The brutality of the Yankee generals - Fidel Castro's lackeys and ass kissers- to terrorize Gualdo Hidalgo and dissuade him from publishing unwanted articles, news and messages.

Mercenaries US Generals Murdered Puppy by orders of Fidel Castro

US Generals working for Castro murdered Rocky, my beloved German shepherd. Rocky's murder was coldly calculated by US intelligence officers who have long supported Castro, harassing, persecuting, imprisoning and murdering Cubans inside and outside the island. Rocky was a loyal friend and a German shepherd dog with exceptional characteristics: brave, intelligent and a friendly and noble character, very respectful. Rocky had a feature of extraordinary distinction, which made him stand out among the other German shepherds. My good friend did not know that he was surrounded by the hyenas of the US intelligence that Castro supports, to the point of resorting to murder to silence those who disagree with the Cuban regime. The murderers of Rocky are cowards and traitors to their people and hater of the Cuban people. These "rats" had already killed Puppy and Tiger in 2014. Unwittingly, Rocky has become a victim of Castro brutal regimen and the bloodthirsty mercenaries who support it. Rocky was a "big guy", strong, powerful, of extraordinary physical strength, combined with a jovial, noble and friendly character. It is monstrous to deprive from the gift of life to a wonderful and innocent creature for political reasons

FBI ordered Washington Township Police to knock at my door, arrest me and write a false report that I was arrested in a school ground

FBI backing Castro acts like any criminal gang, like MS-13 or Sinaloa Cartel

During the presidential elections between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, one day send the Trump team an email message at one in the morning. At nine in the morning, while talking on the phone from my room with my ex-wife, Washington Township Police officiers were knocking on the door. The two policemen were accompanied by a social worker from the Family Guidance Center of Warren County.

When I opened the door, the police officers told me: Mr. Hidalgo. In the last days you seem confused. We will take you to the hospital for an evaluation.

The cops drove me to St. Luke's Hospital, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865. Around four o'clock in the afternoon, a nurse came into my hospital room and asked me:

"Mr. Hidalgo, what did you do in the morning in the school yard?

"What school are you talking about?" I asked him, strangely.

The police found you this morning in the courtyard of a school watching confused the children, arrested you and brought you to the hospital for an evaluation.


It's the FBI that I know, the FBI that persecutes anyone who opposes Castro.

Those were the instructions from the FBI from Somerset County, New Jersey to Washington Township Police, Washington, New Jersey, 07882: Go to his house, take him to the hospital and tell he was arrested in the schoolyard.

And the policemen faithfully obeyed those instructions, and, at the same time they wrote a false police report.

The Washington Township Police wanted the doctors to admit me for psychiatric treatment.

The doctors found out that the police were lying and they released me from the hospital.

This criminal behaviour of Washington Township Police and FBI of Somerset County has been a criminal pattern of both institutions since 2010 when Fidel Castro ordered my dismissal as a teacher from Warren Regional High School, Blairstown, New Jersey.

The operation was coordinated by the CIA and participated Judge Nino Falcone, North Bergen  -issuing a fake warrant for my arrest in May 2010, dating it back to 1995; as well as the North Bergen and Blairstown Police Department.

It was an operation coordinated by the CIA. The FBI found out later, after it was done

         Castro Brothers and their Yankee Lackeys

Los dos gallegos matones de la CIA con su pachanga de Revolucion con CIA y FBI

                               Major General James Bruno (DIA) - Castro Executioner in USA.

Supervises a team of brigadier generals in charge of persecuting, imprisoning, harassing and killing opponents to Castro. He has the missionbilityto transmit the orders given by Castro to the FBI. He has complied with Castro's orders to assassinate Puppy, Tiger and Rocky and cowardly take my dogs away from me and given them new owners. He has participated in the murder of Cubans inside and outside the island. He is involved in the kli;lling of General Arnaldo Ochoa, Coronel Tony de la Guardia and other Cuban officers murdered by Fidel Castro.
General James Bruno is the guy who tried to destroy the career of Sen Robert Menendez, following Fidel Castro's order. He  try to murder me like Gary Webb, depriving me of everything, food, medicines, etc. He has cowardly murdered my dogs like a way to torturing me. He has organized and carried assassination attempts against me, by order of Fidel Castrostro

FBI Mercenary Rats asked the chief of the Washington Township Police Thomas J. Cicerelle to steal my car

                                              FBI Franklin Township New Jersey

This is the hideout of Castro's Gang - the group of criminals engaged during years in persecuting Cuban political prisoners and Cuban exiles opposing Castro.FB Franklin Toswnahip, New Jersey operates as Castro's henchmen in New  These Mercenary Rats have ordered the murder of Tiger, Puppy and Rocky...As far as I know. They operate as Castro's henchmen in New Jersey. They ordered to Washington Township police to steal my car, to enter and search my house without without warrant and repress me in the most brutal way. They are terrorists since they have Cyber attack Washington Boro Library three times sutting down the service.

The FBI of New Jersey has been dedicated since 2010 to spread lies, and smear campaigns, to murder my dogs, to violate it and all civil rights and all the formalities of the law, and have no respect for the law or appreciation for life, as evidenced by the murders of my dogs just to inflict emotional pain.

James McDonald, Sheriff. Warren County, New Jersey. A ruthless Castro's Repressor

James McDonald, along with the other repressive coward, Thomas J. Cicerelle, Chief of Police of Washington Township, serving the tyranny of Fidel and Raul Castro, brutally repressed me following orders of Castro brothers and have responsibility in the brutal and murderous killing of my German shepherd dogs. They are two guy without ethics, two thugs that hide their criminality under a mask as if they were decent people.
Thomas J. Cicerelle, Chief of Police of Washington Township, NJ 07882, a crook happily fulfills all orders given from Havana by Castro to repress Gualdo Hidalgo, a former Cuban political prisoner who was living in the borough. Thomas J. Cicerelle has participated in the cowardly murder of Rocy, in the theft of the car of Gualdo Hidalgo, and in all the orders of Castro of framing Gualdo Hidalgo. Orders arrive to Washington Police Department through the Somerset County FBI, and CIA agents working for Castro.

When Gualdo Hidalgo was released from St. Luke's Warren Hospital, Phillipsburg, Thomas J. Cicerelle immediately started looking for Gualdo Hidalgo in his undercover car., He sounded the siren of his car, and told to Gualdo: You know whay I am stopping you?

Of course, I knew. He was acting like a thug sent for Castro and FBI.

"When you press the brake - He continues- The light in the rear start blinking".

"OK I will fix it" - I told him.

No, I am impounding your car" - And he towed away my car.

The three or four crooks from Washintong Township Police who always take part in these criminal actions, seized my car on another occasion.

As the mercenary rats of US intelligence have reduced me to indigence without letting me work, they know that I lack the resources to get the car back. That's why, this crook working for Castro, he takes my car illegally, abusing his police power. This is the reason why the Somerset County FBI-mercenaries and traitors working for a foreign power-is ordered by Thomas J. Cicerelle: "Tow away his car that he has no money to get it back".

Thomas J. Cicerelle refused at all times to give a written document that the car had been impounded.

Thomas J. Cicerelle refused at all time and the woman to deliver a written document that the car had been impounded. Cicrelle and the woman who works at Stew's Autobody, 276 W Washington Ave, Washington, NJ 07882 - where my car was taken - always said: we do not give you a written paper because it's something verbal between Thomas J. Cicerelle and Stew's.

Thomas J. Cicerelle never showed up at the municipal court hearings   since August 1916 - when he took my car - until November 1917 when the municipal judge of Alpha Boro, New Jersey, dismissed the ticket issued by Cicerelle.

Although Thomas J. Cicerelle impounded my car illegally, he and Stew refuse to give me the car back if I do not pay them all the time the car was illegally retained.

It is a theft. This mercenary trash is that is dedicated- at the orders of FBI to harass, steal, slander, repress and jail  Cuban exiles They are thugs without ethics or decorum serving and killing on the name of Castro.

                                          The Cuban Curse...

FBI has framed all congressmen and senators opposed to Castro: Bob Menendez, Dan Burton, Lincoln Díaz Balart, Mel Martínez, Newt Gingrich,  Robert Torricelli, Tom DeLay

Published on Jul 6, 2014

Gualdo Hidalgo has been framed by mercenaries from FBI, CIA, DIA working for Castro brothers (The two Galician psychopaths who terrorize Cuba since 1959). Raul and his Yankee lackeys - Barack Obama, John Kerry, Ben Rhodes, Bill Clinton) are the worst enemies of Cuba's freedom. Despite their crappy propaganda about freedom and human rights they imprison and kill in the name of Raul. They delivered Alan Gross to Castro brothers as a gift to begin the farce of freeing the terrorists who shot down the Hermanos al Rescate plane, killing four Cuban Americans; they have disappeared Major Ortelio Abrahantes Bacallao, of Minint, Ciego de Avila, who escaped Bahamas saying that he had the proofs of the assassination of Oswaldo Paya, leader of Movimiento Cristiano Liberacion And tell the “story” that they took him to Slovakia to protect him; they have disappeared Rolando Sarraff Trujillo, the Cuban prisoners released with Alan Gross, who passed to FBI information who facilitates the arrest of The Cuban Five They talk cynically about Miami Terrorists while they are the ones who terrorize the Cubans of the island and the Cuban community in Miami, and elsewhere, to anyone who raises his head they pull it up, as they have done with congressmen and senators who have opposed Castro brothers They are the ones who are following the order given by Castro brothers started a wild hunt for puticas in Dominican Republic to fabricate a case against Senator Robert Menendez. Five years have passed since I was requested by the FBI investigators to visit the FBI headquarter in Newark in relation to my false and arbitrary arrest in April 2010. As it is recorded on the FBI file, the day of my false arrest, after the school day was over, I was heading for the North Warren Regional High School parking lot, when I spotted a police officer from North Bergen, in civilian clothes, waiting parked by my car, in the teachers’ parking spot. That guy signaled the Blairstown police officers hunting for me in the parking lot to proceed to my arrest. These scumbags alleged that I was “ a criminal on the run”…I guess it was some kind of jokes at Palermo and Sicilian mob's style. Since they just wanted an excuse to arrest me and handcuff at the view of the high school students, I was release five minutes later in Blairstown police station. After my release, I called the FBI immediately to report the incident. The FBI denied that any warrant existed for my arrest and asked me to go to the FBI office in Newark. That day and the following, the FBI investigator denied that any warrant existed and asked me: - Why do you think they did that? - They just want to make me look like a criminal to fire me from my teaching job, since I am a very popular teacher. Effectively, I was fire the next month. Sadly, Blairstown requested to their “buddies” in North Bergen to frame me, since I live in North Bergen since the time I came to USA as a Cuban Political Prisoner. North Bergen asked Judge Nino F Falcone, Municipal Court to issue a fake warrant for my arrest in 2010, dating it back to 1995 Judge Nino Falcone has been reprimanded by new Jersey Supreme Court for lying and misrepresentation. At the end, Brian Fogelson revealed himself as an earlier criminal wanted by Canada for crimes committed about 40 years ago.

The Framing of Gualdo Hidalgo

Criminal activities against Gualdo Hidalgo by US intelligency agencies working as mercenaries for Castro.


  1. Illegaly arrest of Gualdo Hidalgo to fire him from a teaching job, in 2010, using a fake warrant of arrest issued in 2010 and dated back 1995, issued by Judge Nino Falcone, North Bergen Municipal Court, New Jersey. Although FBI Investigators acknowledged that the warrant was fake, FBI refused to investigate.


  1. Nino Falconi: "I've been to the White House four times.



OCTOBER 4, 2001


The Disciplinary Review Board having filed with the Court its decision in DRB00-135, concluding that NINO F. FALCONE of NORTH BERGEN, who was admitted to the bar of this State in 1984, should be reprimanded for violating RPC 1.1(a) (gross neglect), RPC 1.3 (lack of diligence), RPC 1.4(a) (failure to communicate) and RPC 8.4(c) (conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation), and good cause appearing.


2. Following Fidel Castro and Raul Castro instructions, United Sates intelligence agents collaboratively with Cuban Ministry of the Interior, Cuba Minint,  since 2010 have persecuted and prevented that Gualdo Hidalgo be able to get employment of any kind in United States.

 3. United States intelligence agents working for Castro brothers forced Gualdo Hidalgo to survive without any income, since 2010,  until he reached the age of early retirement last year and started receiving a minimum monthly check from Social Security Administration. Forced to live in a foreign country without friends and without money was a savage, criminal and inhuman action. The ultimate goal of Castro brothers, was to deprive Gualdo Hidalgo of any financial resources, and destroy him morally and physically.


 4, Since 2010, Gualdo Hidalgo has been subjected to a rigorous surveillance system: telephone conversations, attacks against his computer, satellite monitoring while driving his car. United States intelligence has canvassed the neighborhood creating a climate of hatred against Waldo Hidalgo, encouraging actions against him, retaliation, making him a target for local police, neighbours and state agencies.


 5. United States intelligence agents, by orders of Raul Castro, has used the local police to harass and  punish with fines Waldo Hidalgo, who has been forced to pay the tickets with the money allocated by Welfare for basic food; or otherwise go to prison. On one occasion, while Gualdo Hidalgo was in the local library, a police officer was waiting outside for him to ticket him. There was nobody else in the library, just Waldo Hidalgo. The only car in the library parking lot was Waldo Hidalgo’s car, plus the patrol car, waiting for Gualdo Hidalgo to get out from the library to start chasing him and fine him with any excuse.


 6. As a result of a climate of hatred, persecution and harassment created by United States intelligence agents working for Raul Castro, Gualdo Hidalgo owes thousands of dollars in fines to Washington Boro Municipal Court and he is supposed to finish paying off in 2025 in monthly installments. Although payment is by installments, the unpaid balance is used to continue blackmailing and threatening Waldo Hidalgo, for which purposes the judge of the municipal court constantly sends threatening letters to Waldo Hidalgo, warning him that he might issue a warrant for Waldo Hidalgo’s arrest, due to unpaid balance. 


7. The savage repression ordered by Castro brothers to United States intelligence agents, is a savage retaliation against Gualdo Hidalgo as a result of articles and news published by Waldo Hidalgo, and sent to Cuban writers and intellectuals living in different parts of the island of Cuba. For, example, Gualdo Hidalgo was harassed and punished for sending to Cuba the FBI poster about Joanne Chesimard,  as Most Wanted Terrorist. Curiously, since Gualdo Hidalgo sent Joanne Chesimard  FBI poster and news to Cuba about the $2 million reward, offered by FBI and New Jersey State Police, Joanne Chesimard has not been seen any more hanging around in Havana streets as she used to do. 


8. As a former Cuban political prisoner whose experiences are described in the book From the Gulag to the Killing Fields, Gualdo Hidalgo was shocked when he understood, that he was being subjected in United States, to a similar barbaric and dehumanizing  repression Gualdo Hidalgo associated since childhood to the horror depicted in movies dealing with the German secret police, Gestapo and the SS of Himmler. Even in Cuba, Waldo HidalgoI was never treated with that brutality because always he kept his dignity, the sense of his human condition. Even in the worst scenario,  that Gualdo Hidalgo might have been executed, he would die as a man opposing other men who are his adversaries. In United States,  Gualdo Hidalgo has been dehumanized, treated as a piece of trash, with cruelty, as mere garbage, as a piece of dirt. 


9. Castro brothers and United States generals recruited by the Cuban intelligence, gave for granted that Gualdo Hidalgo would die, without they having to pull the trigger. Without friends and penniless, living in a foreign country with hostile authorities, Waldo Hidalgo’s health seriously worsened, having level of glucose in the blood around 500 and lacking medicines to treat diabetes and diabetic neuropathy; all foods Gualdo Hidalgo consumed were donated by churches; and for long periods of time,  even during the coldest months of winter, Gualdo Hidalgo didn’t have heating in his house, no electricity, no water; all services were shut off due inability to pay utilities bills. When Gualdo Hidalgo got food donated by churches, he had to look for tree branches to make fire for cooking, and he had to drive about five miles to get water from the river for cooking and drinking. Without heating, during the coldest night, Gualdo Hidalgo had to sleep with the dogs in the bed, to give warm each other because even the dog felt the extreme cold. Castro’s brothers and United States intelligence agents working for Castro’s regime, were totally aware of Waldo Hidalgo’s hardships, created by them, anyway, and strove to make it more unbearable, using local police and state agencies officials, putting tickets, fines, like: You have a fire in your backyard for cooking…It is your backyard, but it is considered outside fire. That’s illegal” 


10. Although Gualdo Hidalgo holds two valid and outstanding teaching licenses from New Jersey Department of Education, United States intelligence persecuting Cuban following Raul Castro’s orders, uses dirty tricks to sabotage any job. For example, they asked Rahway School District administrators, a previous employer, to change their positive jobs reference and start talking nasty about Gualdo Hidalgo when they were contacted for employment references. Gualdo Hidalgo worked as a tenured teacher at Rahway Middle School and Rahway High School but when he left the job in 2007, the School Administrators wrote nice letters of references. During the many job interviews Gualdo Hidalgo handed those letters of references, unaware that when Rahway School District Administrators were called by employers interested in hiring Gualdo Hidalgo, Rahway Scholl District talked badly telling something totally different to what they wrote in their letter of references. Feeling embarrassed, Phillipsburg School District administration revealed the truth: “We cannot offer you the job of substitute teacher because when we called administrators who wrote your reference letter, they talk negatively about you. 


11. United States intelligence agents working for Castro, falsified and altered electronic data related to Gualdo Hidalgo teaching license in New Jersey Department of Education website. Consequently, after being interviewed for employment, and interested employers checked Gualdo Hidalgo license online, they read the false information  that Waldo Hidalgo’s teaching licenses were cancelled and that Gualdo Hidalgo had a criminal record that barred him from teaching jobs, which was absolutely false, defamatory and insulting. 


12. Following Raul Castro’s orders, United States intelligence agents conspiring with Raul Castro, have tried to imprison Gualdo Hidalgo in numerous occasions using slanders, lies and blackmails. 


13. As part of Raul Castro and Barack Obama plot to blackmail, repress, incarcerate and assassinate Waldo Hidalgo, United States have manipulated New Jersey Prosecutor office. 


14. As part of Raul Castro and Barack Obama plot to blackmail, repress, incarcerate or assassinate Waldo Hidalgo, United States intelligence have manipulated New Jersey Courts and judges. 

Without Homeland but without Slavemasters
Standing for National Dignity 
against Lackeys and Mercenaries
Message to the Generals advocating for Castro's Brothers
Get your Hands Out of Cuba!
Castro rules Cuba conspiring with US Generals from CIA, DIA, FBI ...

General James T. Hill USA, (Ret.) Admiral Robert Inman, USN (Ret.) General Merrill “Tony” McPeak, USAF (Ret.) Lieutenant General John G. Castellaw, USMC (Ret.) Lieutenant General Daniel Christman, USA (Ret.) Vice Admiral Lee Gunn, USN (Ret.) Lieutenant General Dirk Jameson, USAF (Ret.) Lieutenant General Donald Kerrick, USA (Ret.) Lieutenant General Norman R. Seip, USAF (Ret.) Major General Paul Eaton, USA (Ret.) Major General Alan B. Salisbury, USA (Ret.) Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett, USNR (Ret.) Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (Ret.) Brigadier General David McGinnis USA (Ret.) Rear Admiral Michael Smith USN (Ret.) Brigadier General Stephen Xenakis, USA (Ret.) 

Letters from the below listed Generals to Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster National Security Advisor to the President

Latin Heritage Foundation condemns Barack Obama’s administration appalling betrayal of Israel

It is the same pattern of treason against the Cuban and Venezuelan democratic opposition.

Cuban missiles and fighter jets found buried under sacks of sugar on a ship bound for North Korea. Barack Obama looked the other way.

Despite his flowery rhetoric, President Barack Obama cannot be judged by what he says but by what he does not say and keep in the recondite realms of his mind.


The examples are numerous and varied: the provision of material and financial resources to Iran; the supply of weapons to North Korea, which evidence was the ship seized by Panama to Cuba, carrying weapons hidden among 200 000 sacks of sugar heading for North Korea: the secret negotiations of Ben Rhodes with the son and son-in-law of Raul Castro (General Alejandro Castro Espin and General Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Callejas, the head of GAESA, the military institution with which the American companies exclusively negotiate and invest in the so-called "Obama’s new policy toward Cuba”.


Coincidentally, President Maduro of Venezuela was hanging in Havana, unnoticed by the press, during the days of President Obama's visit to Cuba.

The press says nothing about Nicolas Maduro meeting with Barack Obama and John Kerry but the reality is that after Nicolas Maduro returned to Caracas he felt imbued with the authority to repress with impunity the Venezuelan opposition, without the fear or concern of Obama's condemnation.


Curiously, and not surprisingly, Venezuela was one of the four countries that reportedly issued Egypt with an ultimatum, threatening to bring forward a UN Security Council resolution demanding a halt to Israel’s West Bank settlement activity if Cairo does not reintroduce the draft, hours after it was suddenly shelved.  Venezuela, New Zealand, Malaysia and Senegal gave Egypt until the end of Thursday to clarify how it intended to proceed. 


“In the event that Egypt decides that it cannot proceed to call for vote on 23 December or does not provide a response by the deadline, those delegations reserve the right to table the draft … and proceed to put it to vote ASAP,” the note read, according to Reuters.

It is quite obvious that President Barack Obama played a leading role in the resolution of the United Nations against Israel.

As in the case of the opposition in Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam and Syria, Barack Obama has opted to place himself on the wrong side of history. 

Tiger - Gualdo Hidalgo's German shepherd: Brutally murdered by mercenaries from FBI, CIA and DIA by orders of Fidel Castro

According to Gualdo Hidalgo, Latin Heritage Foundation’s publisher, and a former Cuban political prisoner, the anti-Israel UN resolution passed last Friday is the latest and irrefutable proof of the misleading course followed by the administration of Barack Obama in flagrant contradiction with the values of the democratic and courageous American people.


Contrary to the verbal and linguistic juggling of Barack Obama, in his attempt to justify the impossible, the measures, actions and policies carried out by his administration negatively impact and put at risk the traditional friends and allies of the United States.

Puppy - Gualdo Hidalgo's German shepherd: Brutally murdered by mercenaries from FBI, CIA and DIA by orders of Fidel Castro

The car impounded to Gualdo Hidalgo by CIA and FBI fauna serving for decades to Fidel Castro as servile lackeys and mercenaries.


Published on Jul 6, 2014 Gualdo Hidalgo has been framed by mercenaries from FBI, CIA, DIA working for Castro brothers (The two Galician psychopaths who terrorize Cuba since 1959). Raul and his Yankee lackeys - Barack Obama, John Kerry, Ben Rhodes, Bill Clinton) are the worst enemies of Cuba's freedom. Despite their crappy propaganda about freedom and human rights they imprison and kill in the name of Raul. They delivered Alan Gross to Castro brothers as a gift to begin the farce of freeing the terrorists who shot down the Hermanos al Rescate plane, killing four Cuban Americans; they have disappeared Major Ortelio Abrahantes Bacallao, of Minint, Ciego de Avila, who escaped Bahamas saying that he had the proofs of the assassination of Oswaldo Paya, leader of Movimiento Cristiano Liberacion

And tell the “story” that they took him to Slovakia to protect him; they have disappeared Rolando Sarraff Trujillo, the Cuban prisoners released with Alan Gross, who passed to FBI information who facilitates the arrest of The Cuban Five

They talk cynically about Miami Terrorists while they are the ones who terrorize the Cubans of the island and the Cuban community in Miami, and elsewhere, to anyone who raises his head they pull it up, as they have done with congressmen and senators who have opposed Castro brothers

They are the ones who are following the order given by Castro brothers started a wild hunt for puticas in Dominican Republic to fabricate a case against Senator Robert Menendez.

It Sounds Crazy because it is Crazy

Although it is hard to believe it's true: The President, John Kerry, Ben Rhodes and some leading US Generals are plotting against America and the West.

I was able to get a clear picture of this nightmarish plot while translating and messaging to Cubans living in the island a kind of propaganda article written by a major general of US intelligence (DIA) - a key player conspiring with the Cuban military.

Although the article is written as a future possibility, I soon realized that refers to something that actually it is happening since many years ago.

Many things surprised me, for example, while exchanging angry messages with US intelligence officers, Cuban "writers" (G2 agents) used to send conciliatory messages trying to cool down the mood as in a facebook chat. When I warned Chris about Andria (Cuban TV anchor, G2) inmmediately stop sending messages to me as if the* message sent to DIA were routed to Cuba Minint. Andria stop immediately send messages. Soon I realized that every message sent to DIA or FBI Raul Castro got it. It would have been preferable to send the message directly to Raul.

The conspirators (including the President) have limited control over different departments, only a limited number of conspirators are aware of what they are doing, so those who are not aware are confused and have the feeling that things are chaotic, contradictory, nonsensical, stupid...

The incomprehensible action among those who know and those who ignore the plot became evident at the meeting of the OAS in Washington yesterday. In her speech, the foreign minister of Venezuela said: "I do not understand. Yesterday I met privately with John Kerry, and now I hear with surprise that the US ambassador is saying something completely different to what Kerry told me.. it seems that the US ambassador is speaking in a personal capacity .... "

The big plan is to strengthen Iran, save and strengthen the Syrian regime; destroy Israel; rescue the totalitarian regimes of Cuba, Venezuela and Vietnam, and prepare for the destruction of the democratic system of United States. Obama's administration is standing and backing the traditional enemies.

It sounds ridiculous, stupid and crazy but that's what they are doing.

The plan is rooted in the spirit of the counterculture and anti establishment movement of the 60s, specifically in Chicago. and originally it revolves around prominent figures of these movements. Jesse Jackson, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Weather Underground, Black Panthers, etc. It was the starting point.

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